Guide Bios

Greg Becker
Hello, I am Greg Becker and bass fishing is my game. 
My brother (Don Thrall) and I have been bass fishing at
Pomme de Terre Lake for 35 years.  We came down to camp with our parents for
many years at the Hermitage Campground at Big Buttons Cove. 
This is a very beautiful campground with lots of electric hookups. 
Oh, by the way, I have fished many bass tournaments trails here at
Pomme de Terre Lake for many years. 
  All I have to say is that, Pomme de Terre is the home of the 5 pounders.

Don Thrall

Hi, my name is Don Thrall, and I really like to fish for bass and crappie. 
I have been fishing on Pomme de Terre for 46 years. 
I came to Pomme and camped with my parents for 30 years and fished all the time. 
I have fished many fishing tournaments in my time  on many lakes north and south of
Pomme de Terre.  I won a Ranger Bass Boat in 1993 at Bull Shoals on a tough
two day tournament.  I am currently retired and live on the lake with a
panoramic view of Point 1, this is where the Lindley Creek Arm and the
Pomme de Terre Arm come together. 
I was raised in St. Louis and worked as a mechanic for 30 years 
after graduating from a trade school.  I have fished many different tournament organizations
such as Bass World Sports for more than 25 years, as long as they were in B.A.S.S. 
If you want to fish a good organization Bass World Sports Tour Assoc. is the best one out there.

George Clossen


Raytown South High School-1964
Union Pacific RR TCS Computer Training 1988
Union Pacific RR Customer Service Training  1988
Plus many hours of computer, phone procedural and customer service education training.

Work Experience:
Union Pacific RR 1964 to 2006 (Retired)

Work Experience and Accomplishments Related to bass fishing:
Kansas Bass Team Representative State Fish Off 1984
Kansas Bass Regional 3rd Place Winner 1985
Bass World Sports Classic Qualifier 88-89
Ambassador Tournament Midwest Division Classic Qualifier 1990
Ambassador Tournament Classic Winner 1991
Team Stratos Fishing Team 1992
Flo-Valley Team Championship Lake Mark Twain Sept 1996
Bass World Sports Tournament Classic Qualifier 1996
Flo-Valley Team Champion Long Branch Lake May 1997
Flo-Valley Team Champion Lake Stockton August 1997
Won a Boat in 1991

Grew up in Raytown, Mo.

Worked 42 years with UPRR
The Railroad transferred me to St. Louis in 1988 where I fished the Mississippi and the
Illinois Rivers.  In 2004 the Railroad transferred me to Omaha, Nebraska where we
stayed until I retired in 2006.  We came to Hermitage and bought a home. 
We started camping in 1967 at the Hermitage State Park. 
Then we bought a camper and stayed at the Harbor Campground
until moving into our home.  

Married in 1967, have 3 daughters and 3 granddaughters they all grew up at
this lake as well as the two oldest grand daughters, the youngest is
18 months old and she lives in Washington State. 
We love to see the deer and the wild turkeys in the backyard of our house

Mike Redd

My name is Mike Redd.  I have lived around the area my entire life. 
 I have fished Lake Pomme de Terre and Stockton Lake for 30 years, along with the rivers above and below the lakes. 
I have also fished Truman Lake for over 20 years.  I target Walleye, Crappies, White Bass and Hybrid Bass. 
If you are too busy to go fishing you are just too busy.